Why to learn the gospels very well, is so important

Just to watch the movie or the play about the passion of Jesus is not enough.

Everyone who consider himself Christian should know and understand very well the teachings of Jesus and if possible, memorize them.

How can we possibly follow instructions we do not know?


The Gospels are the books that narrate the most important facts about the life and teachings of Jesus

There is not too much data about Jesus anywhere, but the gospels holds what the writers considered important for us to know to get saved.

Why is not enough to just listen from the experts?

  • Because, many of them are contradicting each other in their interpretations.
  • Because there are 38,000 Christian denominations.
  • Because our salvation is too important to just do nothing about it.
  • Because Jesus die for us, and we really need to know what he wants from us. WE NEED THE TRUE.

There are many doctrines and we need to make sure that regardless of our denomination, we are not the ones contradicting the scriptures

In the gospel, Jesus reveals the way to everlasting life and true holiness. He teaches how to please God and what God is really looking for. Most of his teachings are about doing the will of God and prevent us from falling after evil.

The Lord also reviewed the law and the prophets. Many of his sayings comes from Psalms, the prophets and the books of Moses.

No scripture in the bible has more weight than the words of Jesus. The bible teaches that Jesus is the promised Messiah to Israel to reveal all things. We also learn through the bible that Jesus did not spoke or did his own work, but what the Father gave him to talk and the works of the Father.

This means, that the person known and heard by the disciples was God himself

Knowing Jesus is to know God

God can't be known from pictures, but though his work and his words. God is revealed through Jesus

Jesus teachings are simple, but very deep. He speaks to man's conscious and soul. He makes the difficult simple, but difficult to those who harden their hearts.

And finally, why should we learn from him? Because, he is absolutely amazing!!!


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